Little EDC Crate

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The Little EDC Crate

This package is a great commuter. Stash it on your bike or in your car. The key to survival is being prepared. This crate is packed with solutions from the obvious to the unpredictable. Bet you never thought you'd be on a date and drop your keys in a sewer grate. Damn lucky you got your Little EDC Crate to save you from this embarrassing scenario in front of your girl. Shine the micro flashlight to locate your keys and drop your grappling hook down like Batman retrieving them like a boss.

We deliver it straight to your door in an authentic US Military 50 cal ammo can. The can measures 12in x 6in x 7.5in. Perfect for keeping the contents safe.

KEVLAR Cord 25FT Blue ……………...

Kevlar Survival Cord is a must for any survival kit. Although it’s only the thickness of a thick piece of thread, it has the breaking strength of 200 lbs! This cord can withstand extreme temperatures and is flame-resistant. It features a polyurethane coating for UV resistance and increased abrasion resistance. It can be used for snares, traps, bows and can even cut through plastic flex ties.

UZI Pen …………….

6 1/4" overall. Black aircraft aluminum construction. DNA catcher crown which doubles as a glass breaker and as a handcuff key. Accepts Fisher Space pen refills.

Grab Hook ……………..

Pocket-size grappling hook. Measures 2 7/8" overall. Comes with both aluminum and stainless spikes. Spikes are stored inside the body. Stainless spikes will not bend under normal use. Aluminum spikes will allow bending. Rare-earth magnet is mounted in the head and can be used to retrieve metallic objects. Special soft-mount design to hold spikes in place.

➹ Black Rite In The Rain Notebook 3X5 …………...

WEATHERPROOF PAPER: 100 pages / 50 sheets per notebook. This paper that won’t turn to mush when wet and will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive the accidental laundry mishap and more.

True Utility Cashstach ……………….

  • Emergency Stash of cash on your key ring!
  • Waterproof 'O' Ring keeps contents nice and dry!
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Capsule with Stainless Steel Cash Clip
  • Clever capsule has a special cash clip inside
  • Fits any one bill
  • Completely waterproof
  • 1.75" long x 0.6" wide x 0.6" high

Knife ………..

The Kershaw Drone's glass-filled nylon handle keeps this clip-point knife from weighing you down. And the assisted open design makes it the fastest folder you can (legally) get. Fast, light on its feet and dressed in black, this is the perfect edc blade for all occasions. 

➹ FENIX AAA Flashlight ….……….

We wanted to keep this kit weighted evenly with a small flashlight, so we picked one that packs as much light as some of the bigger AAA lights. The Fenix E01 is a light, and totally waterproof flashlight that isn't too bulky for your keychain. And if you're going carry a light with you for all occasions, we figure it should be one with a throw distance of 45m. 

➹ CRKT Eat N' Tool …………...

  • Multiple tools in one: spoon, fork, bottle opener
  • Includes three hex wrenches
  • Equipped with a carabiner for convenient Transport
  • Large central hole for finger gripping and keeps tool weight down
  • Ergonomic shape and design increases user comfort
  • Finished with a black non-stick coating

Multi Tool …………………..

4 1/8" closed. Black finish stainless components. Features spring loaded needle nose pliers, wire cutters, blade, small Phillips screwdriver, can opener, ruler, fine grit file, hexagon wrench - 3 sizes, large and small screwdrivers, bottle opener, nail puller, and saw. Black finish stainless handles with machined hole cutouts. Black nylon belt sheath.

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