About us


We love edc gear. Anything that you can fit in your pocket, pack, keychain or car. But as a couple guys who have been gear resellers for a while now, we know how much crap there is out there. And just as bad as the carelessly manufactured crap that fills up internet marketplaces is hipster bullshit that is just rebranded gear that is marked-up tenfold. Sure it looks good on Instagram, but a flashlight doesn't look good when it doesn't give off light on the side of a dirt road as you're trying to change a tire. 

That's why we started Acme Crate. Now you can step up your edc game. And let us do all the work. 

Each kit is designed to attack any problems you encounter in your day. And to represent the best gear across decades and continents. 



Each kit is delivered in an ammo crate that is locked with a Master padlock. We think this makes it a cool and unique gift for a friend or colleague. Pick your own important digits. Maybe a significant date. Or impressive sales numbers. Then pick how you want it delivered. Do you want it delivered to the recipient in the box, or email? Or do you want to deliver it personally. Trust us, an Acme Crate is the kind of gift that nobody will forget.