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Black is foundation. Black is the base that everything rises from. Black is endless potential. And we wanted to reflect that in this kit. So we put together a collection of edc gear that would be at home in a corporate office, a collegiate coffeehouse, or field outpost. A sturdy and soft spoken kit. One that suits any jacket, Carhartt or Brooks Brothers.  The sort of kit that minds it own business, but won’t take any shit. A kit that doesn’t just hold up under any condition, but excels in all conditions.

And it’s delivered straight to your door in a locked 50 cal ammo can. The can measures 12in x 6in x 7.5in.


Each crate is locked with a 3-digit combination of your choice. Perfect for keeping the contents safe. And the personalized code makes it an unforgettable gift.

Choose the lock combination. Then, choose how you would like the code delivered. Delivered in the package, for easy access. Delivered via email, for a more secure system. Or, delivered personally by you, a great option for a unique gift. 


➹ Multitool........................ 

We chose to include the utterly unstoppable Gerber Shard. Made of a single piece of titanium coated stainless, the flat design fits neatly in your pocket and will not bend under pressure. It's slim, understated and rock solid. Like the kind of guy you don't pick a fight with. 


➹ Knife ........................ 

The Kershaw Drone's glass-filled nylon handle keeps this clip-point knife from weighing you down. And the assisted open design makes it the fastest folder you can (legally) get. Fast, light on its feet and dressed in black, this is the perfect edc blade for all occasions. 


➹ Pen ......................... 

The Uzi Glassbreaker is a rock solid ballpoint that is packed with tons of features you wouldn't normally ask for from a pen. The heavy duty construction with diamond-grip pattern feels good in your hand, but the aluminum construction won't drag you down like an anchor. It features carbine glass-breaker tip and hidden Pawl handcuff key. It's essentially the James Bond of pens

 ➹ Keychain ......................... 

The Monkey Fist we chose for this kit is a smaller version of the old sailer's weapon. A small stainless steel ball wrapped in a few feet of 550 paracord. We found it works great as a quick-access lanyard, as an inconspicuous self-defense tool and it's fun to spin around in otherwise idle hands. 


➹ Flashlight ......................... 

We wanted to keep this kit weighted evenly with a small flashlight, so we picked one that packs as much light as some of the bigger AAA lights. The Fenix E05 is a light, and totally waterproof flashlight that isn't too bulky for your keychain. And if you're going carry a light with you for all occasions, we figure it should be one with a throw distance of 45m. 


➹ Notebook .........................

The Rite in the Rain Universal Field Book is the sturdiest and handsomest waterproof notebook we could find. The unique fabrikoid cover looks good on your work desk and sheds water like an otter. The heavy weight paper is sew bound in so you wont be shedding leafs. Totally waterproof and works great with the Uzi pen. 

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