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Stainless steel and titanium are the foundations of minimalist design. Both are strong and lightweight. Nothing looks as clean and composed as brushed metal. We took inspiration from these materials in both the form and function of this kit. This skeletal edc setup provides everything you will need to conquer your day, without any superfluous embellishments to weigh you down.  

We deliver it straight to your door in a locked 50 cal ammo can. The can measures 12in x 6in x 7.5in.


Each crate is locked with a 3-digit combination of your choice. Perfect for keeping the contents safe. And the personalized code makes it an unforgettable gift.

Choose the lock combination. Then, choose how you would like the code delivered. Delivered in the package, for easy access. Delivered via email, for a more secure system. Or, delivered personally by you, a great option for a unique gift. 

➹ Keychain .........................

The Exotac Freekey system is a simple innovation that solves a ubiquitous problem. The unique design lets you remove a key from the ring with a just a gentle squeeze, yet holds keys securely otherwise. It’s one of those products you wished you had thought of, but are just happy to have.

➹ Prybar .............................

The lever is the most vital tool in the history of man. This mil spec heat-treated titanium prybar will fit discreetly on your keychain, but, man, will you be whipping it out a lot. Opening packages, stripping wires, popping beers, there are few things you cannot do with a simple lever.

➹ Money clip ......................

A money clip is a great way to pare down otherwise bulky edc. We chose the Vargo titanium money clip because it is about as pared down as it gets. Originally designed for ultralight backpackers, the minimalist design gives you everything you need. Something to hold your cash and cards together. With nothing to weigh you down.  

➹ Pen ..................................

The Pico Pen works. It is not the kind of keychain pen that just bulks up your pocket and lets you down when you need it. The milled stainless body holds firm in your hand. The pressurized cartridge writes on the first try. And the neodymium magnet cap holds secure. It does what few keychain pens do. Works.

➹ Knife ...............................

The Douk Douk has been manufactured in the same manner for the past 100 years. The sheet metal handle keeps a slim profile, but doesn’t skimp out on the blade, which still has a substantial spine. It’s a simple folder that’s been used by peasants and soldiers for a century. A basic blade with just the right amount of ornament that makes the Douk Douk unmistakable.

➹ Flashlight .......................

The Nite Ize X1 is a no-bulk beast. The aircraft aluminum construction has a matte finish, lacks any distracting features on the body, making it a very sleek and attractive flashlight. And it is crazy sturdy. It stays on with a twist of the end cap, and will last up to 7 hours on a single AA.  Water resistant, stays cool in use, and weighs only 2oz.

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